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Winery Vinopoli in Campagnano

14 February 2020 - Enjoy with us the taste of Valentine's Day

Friday, February 14, marvel at the magic and atmosphere of Cantina Vinopoli: a special menu for the occasion!

COUNTRY OF ROME – Massimiliano and Titian offer you a very special evening for Valentine's Day: they have thought of an exceptional menu to taste wrapped in the magical and reserved atmosphere of Cantina Vinopoli.

On the evening of Friday 14 February we are waiting for you from Cantina Vinopoli to amaze you with a rich and delicious menu of authentic flavors!

Cost: 25 euros per person excluding drinks


  • WELCOME with 2 oysters and 1 flute of champagne per person
  • FIRST:open sandwich with Anguillara broccoli cream and lardellata sausage from Il Casale di Martignano
  • SECOND: pork arista, bruschetta with olive pate with knife and salad